International NAHM Customers

International Customer, before placing your NAHM order, please read our information on USA/International Shoe Size Conversion Table, General Information on Sock Sizing, Use of NAHM Foot Forms, Shoe Size vs. Sock Size so that you can order your NAHM form(s) accurately.

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Information on how to Add additional or Delete NAHM form to your order

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Notes: Prices subject to change without notice

The Customer will be billed for the difference in shipping charges if the order payment is over 30-days from the invoice date.   Your order will process when payment is received.  Our turnaround time is  4-6 work weeks*.

Prices quoted shall be the sum of (1) the price of the products purchased and (2) the outbound freight (and handling) charges from the factory of origin to the client’s destination. Any import taxes or duties are not included in the freight charge and will be the customer’s responsibility.

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